Fast and Flexible

Reactivity has always been our trademark. Today, with our own warehouses and our logistic network, we offer substantial stock positions and short lead times, two things rarely seen in our industry.

Innovative and Creative

Whether you need us to develop a unique product that you can’t find on the market or a service tailored to your needs, we will go out of our way to create the solution that you need.

Personal and Dedicated

A team of experienced professionals dispatched across the world allow us to give all of our clients the dedication and personal service they deserve.

Just-in-time Delivery

Chemitex offers just-in-time delivery from our many warehouses across Europe. Our customers also benefit from our network of logistics forwarders, who ensure delivering of your orders to any destination.

To help you save on transport costs, we provide delivery of containers to any destination, alongside a standard collection and stock service.

In-House Quality Control

Our own employees carry out rigorous quality control on everything we ship out. They do this with the four-point demerit system, which ensures that each and every piece of textile is flawless and lives up to European standards.

Bespoke Product Development

Our clients have access to the latest 

up-to-date collection across various product groups.


Additionally, we use industry-leading, cutting-edge technologies to expertly develop new designs, colors, 

construction and finishes.


Let us know your requirements and we’ll send over a sample within a few days.

Storage Service

Storage in our European warehouses is part of what we offer.


We deliver the requested quantity whenever you need and can keep your buffer stock available.

Financial Flexibility

Thanks to economies of scale, Chemitex purchasing power and significant investments in our suppliers manufacturing companies in Asia, we offer the best prices on the market.

Our storage service also provide off-balance-sheet stock position to considerably reduce your working capital requirement.


Additionally, we help you manage your foreign exchange exposure and provide flexible long-term payment conditions.